Porcelain Pavers are a Popular Option for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor living is a big part of the Lowcountry, and many homeowners are looking for the ease of care that a porcelain paver provides. Impromptu gatherings on the patio, porch, or around the pool are effortless with a porcelain paver. Whether the outdoor space is casual or sophisticated there is a porcelain paver option that is right for every home.

Benefits of Choosing a Porcelain Paver

Many homeowners love the look of natural stone, but they dislike the maintenance that comes along with this type of paver. With today’s advanced technology, porcelain pavers can replicate any natural stone Bluestone, Travertine, Tabby, and Limestone are but a few of these. Low maintenance with modern style.

  • Stain Resistant-Unlike natural stone, porcelain pavers do not require sealing, and stains are easily removed from this solid surface. They are impervious to chemical spills, oil, and water making them a worry-free option.
  • Durable-Porcelain is scratch resistant and can withstand cold as well as high temperatures. Dirt particles, moss growth, and mold are not an issue with Porcelain. Porcelain pavers will not scratch or break under heavy patio furniture.
  • Slip-resistant-when considering a paver for your pool deck it’s important to choose a non-slip surface. Porcelain is non-porous, which makes it moisture resistant, and highly slip resistant. A great choice for pool decks and walkways.
  • Easy to Clean-Porcelain is a solid surface free of “pores” which makes it an easy paver to clean. When cleaning a porcelain paver all that is needed is a mild soap and water.
  • Weather Resistant-porcelain pavers are recommended for areas that receive strong direct sunlight as these are UV and fade resistant, perfect for patios and pool decks.

porcelain pavers

Old World Tabby Porcelain Collection

Savannah Surfaces paired with an Italian manufacturer to design a unique, exclusive porcelain paver collection. The artistry and detail of the Old World Tabby line coupled with Italy’s expertise and years of experience brought the product to life creating an affordable, low maintenance option for Lowcountry homeowners.

Porcelain pavers can be installed on gravel or mortar set over a concrete base making these pavers a versatile option. Offered in three coastal collections our Old World Tabby has a style and design for everyone.


How Savannah Surfaces Transformed a Backyard into a Stunning Haven

patio before picture

There’s a saying that varies from telling to telling, but most know it is “the cobbler’s children go barefoot.” Essentially, it means that those who provide the best services to others often have to wait in line like everyone else when it comes to providing that service for themselves.

Teresa Kunich of Group 5 Design is no exception. A sought-after interior designer, she has made her mark not just as a talented staging artist but also as an inspired remodeling expert. Inside and outside, she has guided countless projects to stunning fruition. But when it came to her own house, there was one project that hovered on her to-do list for decades.

“We had been in this house for 20 years before we actually started to finish the back patio,” she said. “My daughter got married and we were planning on having a party back there so we just said, ‘We should do this now or it would have to be another 20 years.”


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Savannah Surfaces Solves City of Beaufort Waterfront Tabby Issue

The New Look of The Old World 

By Barry Kaufman


It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. And in 2005, the City of Beaufort had one huge necessity. “They were rebuilding the waterfront and wanted to lay down something similar to what they originally had, which was form-poured tabby,” said Savannah Surfaces owner Jonathan Rhangos. There was just one catch. “Over time, Mother Nature had taken its toll on the original tabby, so it was heaving and cracking. And they asked us to find a solution that they wouldn’t have to come back and repair in five to ten years.” 


The City of Beaufort had come to the right place. As the Lowcountry’s premier provider of stone, tiles, pavers, bricks, and anything else you need for interior or exterior surfaces, Savannah Surfaces is well-versed in balancing beauty and durability. The situation called for a solution. What Savannah Surfaces came up with was something so much bigger than just one park. 


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Old World Tabby Concrete Pavers

Old World Tabby Concrete Pavers


View our Old World Tabby Collection.

Savannah Surfaces Launches Old World Tabby Fire Pit Kits and Blocks


Savannah Surfaces has launched a brand-new line of Old World Tabby firepit kits and blocks – designed to reflect the look and feel of the Low Country. Old World Tabby fire pit kits and wall block are available in three colors: sand, grey, and white with a smooth or sandblasted finish. We offer a 48” round kit as well as various sizes in our square pattern. You can also utilize the kits and blocks for custom planters, fountain surrounds, retaining walls, and curb steps.

The Old World Tabby brand was born out of a centuries-old building technique, using oyster shells as the core aggregate to create foundations, walls, and floors in the Southeast coastal region. Today, many of these structures still exist as a testament to the beauty and strength of the process. The Old World Tabby Company has reimagined the use of oyster shells with modern technology to create shell products in handmade concrete and porcelain.

Call Savannah Surfaces Exterior Counter sales today to pre-order your Old World Tabby firepit by dialing (843)784-6060 and clicking option “2”.

Three Common Types of Brick

When planning a new hardscaping project, you may think that brick will make for a simple and modest final product. However, brick can actually be quite attractive and alluring, creating a vibrant, chic aesthetic. In addition to being appealing to the eye, brick is extremely sturdy and versatile. Learn more about these three common types of brick used in construction projects.

Burnt Clay

Brick is a common stone substitute used for hardscaping projects, and there are many classifications of brick types. Burnt clay bricks are one of the oldest and widely used types of brick, and are created by placing clay molds into a kiln and firing them up. The end result is the classic, reddish-brown rectangular blocks often used in masonry. You can often find these bricks used for structures like walls, columns, and building foundations.


Concrete bricks are a stellar option for blocking sound and are great heat resistors. They are typically composed of a mixture of powdered cement, water, sand, and gravel. Pigments can be added during the manufacturing process to create a pop of color to facades and fences.

Sand Lime

By combining lime, water, and sand, this light-colored mixture forms a gray brick with a smooth finish and doesn’t require the use of plaster. Sand lime bricks are an excellent choice for builds that will support heavy loads. If you’d like to go for a look that’s less typical, you can get away from the classic red brick look with this option.

For your next hardscaping structure, you want your project to be exceptional, so you won’t want typical materials. Savannah Surfaces is the Lowcountry’s premium provider of high-quality surfacing material of all types, sourced from all four corners of the world. Our inventory of attractive exterior brick finishes includes antique parefeuille, Savannah gray brick, courtyard pavers, and much more. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you once you contact us to help bring your design to life.

Tips for Using Marble in Your Bathroom

Marble is a classic material, used as an impressive interior design accent for centuries, that fits naturally in a bathroom space. Homeowners may worry that other aspects of their bathroom—such as the size of the room or its location in the home—may mean that marble won’t work for them. However, with its many pattern choices and size options, marble can easily be incorporated into any bathroom. Here are some things to keep top of mind when using marble to spruce up a bathroom design.

Choosing the Perfect Placement


Even though marble is a beautiful natural stone, it’s important not to go overboard when adding it to a room. Avoid adding marble to the walls, floors, and countertops, as that may begin to make the space feel too cold and stark. Instead, focus on just a few key areas that marble can be used to highlight and make stand out. Creating a pattern on a wall, for example, can become a work of art in a room that typically does not have much.

Deciding On the Design

There are several types of interior marble tile designs to choose from, meaning that everyone should be able to find something to suit their current bathroom design. Calacatta Marble, or Calacatta Gold, is a pricier option that adds a touch of shine and sparkle wherever it is placed. Nero Marquina looks impressive as flooring, and its white veining offers a modern look and feel. Designers can also mix and match various marble patterns to create a splash of different color tones that make the bathroom unique.

Keeping the Marble Clean

When deciding to add marble to a bathroom, homeowners should understand the regular cleaning required to maintain the beauty and glitter of their new countertops or backsplashes. Cleaning agents with acids may break down the stone and, over time, destroy marble tiling, so avoiding such cleaners will help marble last as long as possible. Adequate cleaning products will be marked specifically for Natural Stone and pH neutral to help maintain the finish and clarity of the marble.

If you’re interested in adding marble to make your bathroom pop, it’s essential to find people that understand your home makeover needs. Savannah Surfaces has an experienced and knowledgeable staff, ready to help transform your home and create new marble accents that you and your family will love. Contact us today to start making your design vision a reality.

How to Choose a Fireplace Mantel Design

In addition to being quite useful, a well-designed fireplace mantel can serve as a focal point in your home. Many details go into planning the right mantel design, from the size and style to the materials used. If you’re planning to renovate your mantel or are in the process of building a new home, these tips will help you design the ideal fireplace mantel for your budget and aesthetic.

Choosing a Mantel Size


Mantels are not a one-size-fits-all project. Choosing the right size will first depend on the size of the firebox opening and the fireplace surround. The firebox opening is the actual space where the fire will be lit, while the surround is the space on the wall surrounding the opening consisting of the side supports, hearth, and mantel. These elements all need to be in proportion to create a harmonious design. You’ll also need to consider local building codes to make sure there is enough space between the firebox and mantel. A general rule of thumb is to allow at least 12 inches of space between the top of the firebox and the base of the mantel.

Finding Your Style Inspiration

Once you have an idea of the right size for the mantel, you should start exploring inspirational images to find the right look to match your home. Perhaps you enjoy a farmhouse-chic look that incorporates rustic details and warm tones, or maybe you’re dreaming of a sleek modern design with clean lines. Natural materials like marble, limestone, and copper create a timeless, high-end look. You should also consider the color of the mantel and whether you want to create one cohesive look using neutral colors or if you want the mantel to contrast from the wall.

Don’t Forget About Functionality

In addition to the look, you should consider how to make the design functional. Since the fireplace is a natural focal point for the room, you’ll probably want to use it to showcase beloved items. The mantel could be used to display your family photos or be a place to hang stockings and showcase holiday decorations. Is there a favorite piece of art you plan to hang above the mantel? Taking all of these factors into consideration can help you determine the ideal depth and width for your mantel.

When it comes time to create your perfect mantel, you can find the best materials from Savannah Surfaces. We offer everything you need to complete your interior home renovation or new construction project, and we’ve been proud to serve the Lowcountry since 1996. Contact us to speak with a professional about your options for a new fireplace mantel design.

Creating a Modern Bathroom Design With Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles can invigorate the look of a bathroom by creating a visually appealing accent. There are a number of ways to incorporate mosaic tile to give bathrooms a new and modern look.

Use Mosaic for an Accent Wall

Modern bathroom with mosaic tiles

Accent walls are a popular way to add variety and interest to a room. Normally achieved by painting one wall of a room a different color, accent walls can also be created with mosaic tile. Consider using glass mosaic tiles to create contrast on the shower or bath wall, emphasizing and setting apart a wall that might otherwise fade into the background.

Create an Interesting Floor

Tile is often the best choice for bathrooms because it won’t be damaged by water and it’s easy to clean. But just because it’s the obvious choice for bathroom floors doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting. There are a number of eye-catching patterns to choose from when it comes to tile, and colorful bathroom floors are becoming more popular. Make the mosaic tile really pop by painting the rest of the walls a neutral color, letting the floor be the focal point.

Make a Space Appear Larger

Bathrooms are often the smallest room of a home, and, with the wrong decor, they can feel a bit cramped. Mosaic bathroom tile can be used to visually expand the room and make it appear larger. Long, vertical tiles can give the appearance of a higher ceiling in a bathroom. Similarly, wrapping a border with interesting mosaic can make the walls seem longer and wider. Larger patterns on mosaic walls can similarly create an open space, or create the illusion of a larger floor by adding a tiled mosaic “rug.”

Dress Up a Bathroom With a Mosaic Backsplash

Patterns like chevron can add a touch of class to a bathroom when used as a backsplash. This is a great way to add some color and brightness to a bathroom without having to fully remodel the walls or floors.

Tile is a versatile surface that is easy to install and easier to maintain. If you’re ready to create a modern bathroom design with tile, explore the selection offered by Savannah Surfaces. We provide indoor and outdoor surfacing materials at our Hardeeville, SC showroom. Call Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 to learn about our offerings today.

Tile Trends That Liven Up Your Laundry Room

When it comes to home renovations, the laundry room often gets overlooked. But a small makeover can take a dark, dreary laundry room from drab to fab and even—dare we say—make laundry day just a little more fun. Tile is an affordable surfacing material that can be used in creative ways to bring a fun, stylish vibe to any laundry room.

The Ideal Laundry Room Flooring Material

Brown and white tile that represents tile to liven up a laundry room

Laundry rooms have special flooring needs due to their constant exposure to moisture. Hardwood floors and carpeting won’t cut it here! Tile is one of the best interior surfacing materials for a laundry room because of its durability and resistance to water. Tile can handle scratches, stains, and toddlers like a champ. Plus, it’s easy to clean; a huge benefit for laundry rooms that double as mudrooms. Tile comes in a multitude of different colors, shapes, and patterns, with endless options to create a cheery, vibrant laundry room.

Create a Custom Floor

Tile is so versatile that every homeowner can create a look they love. Some use patterned tiles to create a statement floor that’s also easy to clean. Others customize their own design by mixing and matching tile colors and shapes. There is also the option to switch things up with tile that resembles wood or another material for style without the risk of damage. With so many variations, tile is the perfect material for a truly unique floor.

Have Fun With a Playful Backsplash

A laundry room floor takes a lot of abuse, but the walls also see their share of water and detergent splashes. Chemical-resistant tiles can be wiped clean after every load to keep the room looking bright and airy. As with the floors, the backsplash offers a playful way for homeowners to show off their personality with bold colors, lively patterns, and unique geometric shapes.

Choose Your Tile Today

If you’re planning a laundry room renovation, it’s the perfect room for playing around with looks you wouldn’t normally choose. Savannah Surfaces offers a huge selection of tile surfacing products for interior and exterior use. Available in various designs and materials, our tiles can help you create a laundry room you actually enjoy. Call Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 or visit our tile showroom to start shopping!

Choosing the Right Exterior Pavers for Your Home

Many people choose traditional concrete or concrete pavers for their driveways, sidewalks, and patios, but there are other options available that can enhance the appearance of—and add value to—any home. Pavers, commonly made from brick, tile, stone, and other materials, are a classy alternative for exterior flooring. This guide will help homeowners zero in on the pavers that work best for their home.

Consider the Effect

The first thing for homeowners to consider when shopping for pavers is the effect they want to achieve. Patterned pavers create a vibrant, energetic feel—perfect for pool parties and cookouts on the patio! For a rustic outdoor living space, textured, tumbled pavers create a rugged vibe. Natural tones and clean lines are calming, making them perfect for tranquil landscapes and Zen gardens. Typically, light colors make small areas feel larger, while dark ones have the opposite effect.

Location is Key

Location of the pavers is just as important as purpose. Driveways, outdoor living areas, and patios are at risk for stains from engine oil, grease, and other materials. Stains are obvious on light, monotone pavers, while multicolored pavers typically hide them well. Homeowners should be sure paver color and texture will suit their space and use.

Avoid the Perfect Match

While it might seem like a good idea to perfectly match exterior pavers to the house, it’s best to take a complementary approach. The home itself should be the focal point, and pavers that are a few shades lighter than the house achieve this effect. Brick homes are perfectly complemented by grey pavers, as brick pavers would create an overwhelming amount of red. But brick is beautiful for homes with wood siding.

Scrutinize the Colors

Natural tones are popular hardscape materials because they blend so well with their surroundings. But not just any shade will do. Many natural tones have hints of other colors—like yellows and pinks—that glint in the sunlight or appear different at night. This can completely change the look of the stone and how it affects the home’s aesthetic.

These ideas should guide you towards pavers you’ll love, but if you still aren’t sure which option will work best, the hardscaping experts at Savannah Surfaces can help you decide. Then we’ll provide flawless installation of your project, leaving you with results that’ll make the neighbors envious. Call Savannah Surfaces today at 843-784-6060 or visit our showroom in Hardeeville, SC to learn more.