Savannah Surfaces Launches Old World Tabby Fire Pit Kits and Blocks


Savannah Surfaces has launched a brand-new line of Old World Tabby firepit kits and blocks – designed to reflect the look and feel of the Low Country. Old World Tabby fire pit kits and wall block are available in three colors: sand, grey, and white with a smooth or sandblasted finish. We offer a 48” round kit as well as various sizes in our square pattern. You can also utilize the kits and blocks for custom planters, fountain surrounds, retaining walls, and curb steps.

The Old World Tabby brand was born out of a centuries-old building technique, using oyster shells as the core aggregate to create foundations, walls, and floors in the Southeast coastal region. Today, many of these structures still exist as a testament to the beauty and strength of the process. The Old World Tabby Company has reimagined the use of oyster shells with modern technology to create shell products in handmade concrete and porcelain.

Call Savannah Surfaces Exterior Counter sales today to pre-order your Old World Tabby firepit by dialing (843)784-6060 and clicking option “2”.