Solid Impression: Ideas for Using Stone in Landscaping

Landscape designs can create curb appeal, natural comfort, and aesthetic satisfaction. While many people appropriately associate landscaping with plants, stone elements are often overlooked as a long-lasting way to add color, texture, and style to an outdoor layout. A few simple ideas make incorporating stone easy and beautiful.

Durable Walkways

Creating paths of stone makes experiencing the landscape more accessible, allowing guests to walk through the layout itself. With options like stepping stones, luxurious geometric stones, and shaped pavers, stone walkways fit virtually any design style. They can easily be used to draw visitors to the front door, make for easy trekking between the home and garage, provide a pathway to enjoy the gardens, or frame the area around a pool. They’re resistant to weather and foot traffic, too, so they’re a great long-term exterior landscaping choice.

Appealing Accents

Stone often serves a practical purpose, but it’s also an ideal option for cosmetic additions to a garden or layout. Boulders look beautiful in a naturalistic garden or as conversation pieces around a back patio. Rocks of various sizes framing a pond can make it blend more effortlessly with the foliage around it. Handcrafted stone pieces like fountains, fireplaces, and decorative stepping stones are an eco-friendly and enjoyable way to break up a sea of green.

Interested in sprucing up your current landscape with stone? Savannah Surfaces has an extensive selection of stone design features and a team of professionals ready to help you achieve your vision. Contact us at 843-784-6060 to get started.

Make a Splash: Five Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Backsplash

The backsplash can tie the entire look of a kitchen together. With so many options available, the best choice depends on the homeowner’s overall design concept. By making specific considerations, homeowners can find the perfect kitchen backsplash.

Decide on a Look

To start, think of the purpose that the kitchen backsplash should serve. Some people prefer a modern pop of color, while others like a more understated design that provides a sleek finish. Deciding on a look before browsing through options can make the process less overwhelming.

Pick a Size

Backsplashes come in several different sizes, from a few square feet to reaching the ceiling. Homeowners should factor in the size of the kitchen when choosing how large the backsplash will be and the size of the tiles; smaller kitchens often benefit from larger tiles, which create the perception of space. Additionally, considering the desired height of the backsplash helps. For example, if the tile will be taken up to the ceiling, a larger size would be ideal, while a small space underneath a cabinet may benefit from smaller tile choices.

Play With Color

Backsplash color is a major factor in the final look of a kitchen. Neutral tiles are ideal if the homeowner desires a classic, streamlined look or if they’ve chosen a bright countertop that might clash with a bold backsplash. On the other hand, a colorful backsplash provides a great opportunity to have a little fun, adding character to a kitchen.

Choose a Style

Tile comes in different shapes and designs, too. Choices like multi-size tiles with painted mosaic designs or imprinted textures contribute to an expression of style. Even monochromatic tile can be livened up with a non-traditional shape or pattern.

If you’re considering a new kitchen backsplash, Savannah Surfaces offers an extensive selection of surfacing materials, including ceramic and glass tile and natural stone. Contact us today and ask about our high-quality backsplash options.

How to Mix and Match Tile Colors and Styles

The right combination of tile colors and styles can be striking—but the wrong pairing can be a visual disaster. Here are simple tips to avoid clashing when mixing colors and styles during tile installation.

Offset Pattern With Plain

Brightly colored tile, mosaic tile, or interior stone tile can create a unique focal point of a room. But these highly patterned options should be offset with some plain styles elsewhere. This means that when opting for unique or busy tile, the rest of the area should have a monochromatic color scheme and other simple features to balance it out. In addition to not overcrowding the room and causing visual clashes, it also allows unique tiling to have the stage.

Create Interest With Scale

Monochromatic color schemes work because they offer different variations of the same color without danger of clashing. A similar effect can be achieved by using the same pattern of tile with different sizes. For example, one can use small hexagonal mosaics on the walls of a bathroom, medium hexagonal mosaics on the floor, and larger hexagonal mosaics in the bath. This way, the tiles will have variety without clashing.

Mix and Match Finishes

Using similar-looking tiles with different finishes can also add dimension to the room without being overwhelming. For example, homeowners could use tiles with similar colors, but with half of them matte and the other half shiny.

Stick With One Shape

Whether circular, hexagonal, or square, the simplest way to create harmony with tiles is to stick with one shape. This will unify tiles, even when they are different sizes or colors, creating visual connections throughout the room.

Mixing and matching during tile installation may seem overwhelming, but the right tile provider or remodeling company can point you in the right direction. If you have any questions about tiling design or installation, call Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 today.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for a Small Bathroom

From top to bottom, it’s important to consider every detail of a bathroom remodeling project carefully before beginning. The size, design, and color of tiles can impact how large the room seems. Here’s how to choose the right tile for a small bathroom.

Measure Carefully

Before even deciding what style of bathroom tile to use, homeowners should measure their bathroom carefully—then measure again. This is particularly important for small bathrooms, as they may have awkward layouts, with the sink, toilet, and bathtub taking up floor space.

Expand the Space With Mosaic Tiles

Reminiscent of a professional spa, mosaic tiles can make a small bathroom appear larger due to their small size and multicolored surfaces. Glass mosaic tiles can be an even better choice since they reflect light, making the room appear wider, deeper, and larger.

… But Don’t Overcomplicate

With that said, opting for mosaic, stone, or colorful tile can make the bathroom appear too busy. While a splash of color can be great for an otherwise-monochromatic space, it may overcomplicate a highly decorated bathroom. If other features of the bathroom are already colorful or patterned, simple tiles may be a better option.

Set the Tiles Diagonally

Whatever the tile size or pattern, placing them at a diagonal angle can create an optical illusion: the diagonal layout can visually extend the room’s length and width at the same time. Because a diagonal installation may be more complicated, it’s best to have this performed by a professional remodeling service.

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best rooms in a home. If you’re interested in re-tiling your bathroom, call Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 today.

Terracotta Tile Now Available at Savannah Surfaces

The History of Tile

Decorative tile has been around for generations. Many generations.

Decorative tiles found in Egypt date back to 4000 B.C. Throughout the history of design, tile work has been created in virtually every country in the world and applied to every possible surface. In recent history, floor tile has found itself typically installed in such utilitarian spaces as bathrooms, mudrooms, …Read More

The Griffith Home

Bolton House

Davenport House Museum Commissions Innovative Solution First Green Lane Project in Historic District

Savannah Surfaces and Savannah Hardscapes Construction are proud to announce an innovative new project focused on the transformation of Broughton Lane in the Historic District.  The project was commissioned by the Davenport House Museum.  The client was looking for a way to connect the Isaiah Davenport House Museum located on the corner of Habersham and State streets  with the newly restored Kennedy Pharmacy located on the corner of Broughton and Habersham streets which now acts as the museum’s gift shop.  The project is the first of its type.  The participants hope it will create a model for future projects with other downtown lanes.  Work began on September 25 and is slated for completion October 15th.

The challenge was to create connectivity between the two buildings that are on different streets and face opposite directions.  Uniting them through the lane was the most sensible solution but required a creative approach to make it attractive as well as practical.  Once completed, visitors finishing their tour of the Davenport House will exit through the garden to the Kennedy Pharmacy to collect belongings and visit the museum shop.

Establishing a connection between the buildings will be achieved through several landscape and hardscape modifications that visually unite the two spaces.  Installation of a brick path exiting the Davenport House garden will connect visitors through the lane.  Screening of HVAC units and relocation of trash receptacles will formalize the space between the two buildings and create a more inviting connection.

Green lanes showcase innovative, environmental technologies to help manage storm water, reduce heat in urban areas, promote recycling and conserve energy.  Green lanes can also be used by residents and adjacent property owners as outdoor space for urban gardens.

“This, the first lane renovation of its’ type will hopefully act as an example of what can be done to beautify these common areas of our city and create more green community space throughout downtown,” says Jonathan Rhangos, Owner, Savannah Surfaces & Savannah Hardscapes Construction.

Other companies involved in the project: Sottile & Sottile, the Davenport House Endowment Directors, Bartlett Tree Experts, Historic Savannah Foundation, Thomas & Hutton and John F. McEllen Landscape Consultant.

About Savannah Surfaces & Savannah Hardscapes Construction

Co-Founded in 1996 by Jonathan and William Rhangos, Savannah Hardscapes Construction, originally an outdoor hardscaping and architectural elements company, has evolved over the years to meet the growing needs of the Low Country’s commercial and residential markets.   The original company, long regarded for quality materials, outstanding customer service and superior craftsmanship, now has a complimentary company offering a wide array of surfacing material options to make the design and execution of any home or commercial project cost effective and efficient.  The installation staff of the original company continues to operate under the name Savannah Hardscapes Construction while the expert team on the surfacing side of the business is under the Savannah Surfaces name.  While there are two companies, both operate inside of the same facility and are fully integrated to insure a seamless customer experience.

Savannah Surfaces is the premier provider of high quality surfacing materials of all types.  Sourcing materials from the 4 corners of the world, especially Europe, Asia and North and South America, the company excels at identifying unique products and importing them at competitive prices.  The knowledgeable staff works with retail consumer and design professionals alike to identify the most appropriate products to make each project outcome unique.  Learn more at and .

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The following review was posted by Larry’s Cap Rock & Stone blog lcrsperspectives:

Okay… I admit it I am a sucker for a southern accent. My husband who hails from the great state of North Carolina had me at hello. And for my fortieth birthday my mom took me on a mother daughter trip to Savannah, GA. I love Savannah, it’s people, heritage, architecture. I am a huge fan of the store One Fish Two Fish. If you haven’t tried it you should. The owner’s selection of staff and merchandise is impeccable. I have visited it intermittently for over 10 years and she never fails.
If you are visiting for the first time try eating at the New Crystal Beer Parlor. Incredible.

And if you are wondering who keeps those beautiful stone streets and homes restored and in tip top shape look at Savannah Hardscapes. If you are in architect or landscape architect in north east Florida or southeast Georgia – Savannah Hardscapes & Surfaces is hosting an invitation only CEU event on November 1, 2012.

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