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Solid Impression: Ideas for Using Stone in Landscaping

Landscape designs can create curb appeal, natural comfort, and aesthetic satisfaction. While many people appropriately associate landscaping with plants, stone elements are often overlooked as a long-lasting way to add color, texture, and style to an outdoor layout. A few simple ideas make incorporating stone easy and beautiful.

Durable Walkways

Creating paths of stone makes experiencing the landscape more accessible, allowing guests to walk through the layout itself. With options like stepping stones, luxurious geometric stones, and shaped pavers, stone walkways fit virtually any design style. They can easily be used to draw visitors to the front door, make for easy trekking between the home and garage, provide a pathway to enjoy the gardens, or frame the area around a pool. They’re resistant to weather and foot traffic, too, so they’re a great long-term exterior landscaping choice.

Appealing Accents

Stone often serves a practical purpose, but it’s also an ideal option for cosmetic additions to a garden or layout. Boulders look beautiful in a naturalistic garden or as conversation pieces around a back patio. Rocks of various sizes framing a pond can make it blend more effortlessly with the foliage around it. Handcrafted stone pieces like fountains, fireplaces, and decorative stepping stones are an eco-friendly and enjoyable way to break up a sea of green.

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