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Choosing the Right Exterior Pavers for Your Home

Many people choose traditional concrete or concrete pavers for their driveways, sidewalks, and patios, but there are other options available that can enhance the appearance of—and add value to—any home. Pavers, commonly made from brick, tile, stone, and other materials, are a classy alternative for exterior flooring. This guide will help homeowners zero in on the pavers that work best for their home.

Consider the Effect

The first thing for homeowners to consider when shopping for pavers is the effect they want to achieve. Patterned pavers create a vibrant, energetic feel—perfect for pool parties and cookouts on the patio! For a rustic outdoor living space, textured, tumbled pavers create a rugged vibe. Natural tones and clean lines are calming, making them perfect for tranquil landscapes and Zen gardens. Typically, light colors make small areas feel larger, while dark ones have the opposite effect.

Location is Key

Location of the pavers is just as important as purpose. Driveways, outdoor living areas, and patios are at risk for stains from engine oil, grease, and other materials. Stains are obvious on light, monotone pavers, while multicolored pavers typically hide them well. Homeowners should be sure paver color and texture will suit their space and use.

Avoid the Perfect Match

While it might seem like a good idea to perfectly match exterior pavers to the house, it’s best to take a complementary approach. The home itself should be the focal point, and pavers that are a few shades lighter than the house achieve this effect. Brick homes are perfectly complemented by grey pavers, as brick pavers would create an overwhelming amount of red. But brick is beautiful for homes with wood siding.

Scrutinize the Colors

Natural tones are popular hardscape materials because they blend so well with their surroundings. But not just any shade will do. Many natural tones have hints of other colors—like yellows and pinks—that glint in the sunlight or appear different at night. This can completely change the look of the stone and how it affects the home’s aesthetic.

These ideas should guide you towards pavers you’ll love, but if you still aren’t sure which option will work best, the hardscaping experts at Savannah Surfaces can help you decide. Then we’ll provide flawless installation of your project, leaving you with results that’ll make the neighbors envious. Call Savannah Surfaces today at 843-784-6060 or visit our showroom in Hardeeville, SC to learn more.

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  1. Jenna Hunter
    Jenna Hunter says:

    Thanks for your tips on getting a darker color of pavers when it is placed in a driveway because the car might stain the pavement. My mom wants to get her home paved so that she won’t have to deal with rocks any more because she forgets her shoes and hurts her feet. Getting it paved by a professional could be really nice for her.

  2. Luke Smith
    Luke Smith says:

    I value your tip about selecting multi-colored bricks for pavement building to hide stains and dirt well. We are rebuilding our old pool in our backyard for my sister’s advocacy swimming party. Since I’m going to be busy in the few months, I’ll make sure to keep in touch with a paving contractor so that my sister can talk with them and discuss the timeframe as well as the materials that will be used for the project.

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