Upgrade Your Home With Exterior Brick

Exterior brick is one of the most timeless paving materials used to update the facade of a home. At Savannah Surfaces, we specialize in high-quality brick driveways, hardscaping, and outdoor living spaces designed to increase your home’s value and dramatically improve its beauty and curb appeal.

Brick Surfacing

Homeowners planning to update their homes with exterior brick can choose from a variety of attractive finishes. Some of our most enduring options include:

  • Antique parefeuille, which lends a vintage-inspired appearance straight from the French countryside. These bricks are a good choice for columns and outdoor fireplaces.
  • Cobbled clay pavers, which are durable manmade rectangular bricks with a cobblestone-like appearance. Choose these pavers for walkways, streetscapes, and driveways.
  • Savannah gray brick, which offers a beautiful, distinctive finish in a neutral shade. We love this locally sourced material for stairs, walkways, paths, and patios.
  • Courtyard pavers, which provide a traditional look in a square tile. These brick pavers are perfect for an eye-catching, highly functional outdoor living space.
  • Permeable pavers, which are specifically designed to assist with water management. These pavers are ADA-compliant and prevent storm runoff from flooding your landscape.

Benefits of Brick

Brick is one of the most durable materials you can use for your home’s exterior hardscape. Constructed from natural clay, it offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to other types of building materials. Because the rich color of the brick is derived from the natural shade of the clay, your driveway or patio won’t fade over time with exposure to the sun’s UV rays. In addition, brick can stand up to heavy loads such as vehicles, so it’s a safe choice for surfaces that need to bear weight without cracking. As a skid-resistant surface, brick paving can prevent injury from slip and fall accidents, which makes it an ideal choice if you’re planning to resurface the area around your home’s swimming pool.

Contact the team at Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 or complete our online form to begin planning your exterior brick project with us. We’ve been serving clients in the Lowcountry area since 1996 and will be happy to answer all your questions about our streamlined installation process.