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Tile Trends That Liven Up Your Laundry Room

When it comes to home renovations, the laundry room often gets overlooked. But a small makeover can take a dark, dreary laundry room from drab to fab and even—dare we say—make laundry day just a little more fun. Tile is an affordable surfacing material that can be used in creative ways to bring a fun, stylish vibe to any laundry room.

The Ideal Laundry Room Flooring Material

Brown and white tile that represents tile to liven up a laundry room

Laundry rooms have special flooring needs due to their constant exposure to moisture. Hardwood floors and carpeting won’t cut it here! Tile is one of the best interior surfacing materials for a laundry room because of its durability and resistance to water. Tile can handle scratches, stains, and toddlers like a champ. Plus, it’s easy to clean; a huge benefit for laundry rooms that double as mudrooms. Tile comes in a multitude of different colors, shapes, and patterns, with endless options to create a cheery, vibrant laundry room.

Create a Custom Floor

Tile is so versatile that every homeowner can create a look they love. Some use patterned tiles to create a statement floor that’s also easy to clean. Others customize their own design by mixing and matching tile colors and shapes. There is also the option to switch things up with tile that resembles wood or another material for style without the risk of damage. With so many variations, tile is the perfect material for a truly unique floor.

Have Fun With a Playful Backsplash

A laundry room floor takes a lot of abuse, but the walls also see their share of water and detergent splashes. Chemical-resistant tiles can be wiped clean after every load to keep the room looking bright and airy. As with the floors, the backsplash offers a playful way for homeowners to show off their personality with bold colors, lively patterns, and unique geometric shapes.

Choose Your Tile Today

If you’re planning a laundry room renovation, it’s the perfect room for playing around with looks you wouldn’t normally choose. Savannah Surfaces offers a huge selection of tile surfacing products for interior and exterior use. Available in various designs and materials, our tiles can help you create a laundry room you actually enjoy. Call Savannah Surfaces at 843-784-6060 or visit our tile showroom to start shopping!