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Savannah Surfaces Solves City of Beaufort Waterfront Tabby Issue

The New Look of The Old World 

By Barry Kaufman


It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. And in 2005, the City of Beaufort had one huge necessity. “They were rebuilding the waterfront and wanted to lay down something similar to what they originally had, which was form-poured tabby,” said Savannah Surfaces owner Jonathan Rhangos. There was just one catch. “Over time, Mother Nature had taken its toll on the original tabby, so it was heaving and cracking. And they asked us to find a solution that they wouldn’t have to come back and repair in five to ten years.” 


The City of Beaufort had come to the right place. As the Lowcountry’s premier provider of stone, tiles, pavers, bricks, and anything else you need for interior or exterior surfaces, Savannah Surfaces is well-versed in balancing beauty and durability. The situation called for a solution. What Savannah Surfaces came up with was something so much bigger than just one park. 


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Old World Tabby Concrete Pavers

Old World Tabby Concrete Pavers


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