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Three Common Types of Brick

When planning a new hardscaping project, you may think that brick will make for a simple and modest final product. However, brick can actually be quite attractive and alluring, creating a vibrant, chic aesthetic. In addition to being appealing to the eye, brick is extremely sturdy and versatile. Learn more about these three common types of brick used in construction projects.

Burnt Clay

Brick is a common stone substitute used for hardscaping projects, and there are many classifications of brick types. Burnt clay bricks are one of the oldest and widely used types of brick, and are created by placing clay molds into a kiln and firing them up. The end result is the classic, reddish-brown rectangular blocks often used in masonry. You can often find these bricks used for structures like walls, columns, and building foundations.


Concrete bricks are a stellar option for blocking sound and are great heat resistors. They are typically composed of a mixture of powdered cement, water, sand, and gravel. Pigments can be added during the manufacturing process to create a pop of color to facades and fences.

Sand Lime

By combining lime, water, and sand, this light-colored mixture forms a gray brick with a smooth finish and doesn’t require the use of plaster. Sand lime bricks are an excellent choice for builds that will support heavy loads. If you’d like to go for a look that’s less typical, you can get away from the classic red brick look with this option.

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