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Waterworks creates unparalleled products with a commitment to craftsmanship on every level, from designing product, to selecting the highest quality materials, to utilizing artisanal factories with generations of experience. They work with in-house designers and prestigious collaborators across a range of inspirations, from Edwardian elegance to organic beauty, to create a product assortment that comfortably meets the needs of our clients while continually pushing the aesthetic envelope. In their quest for the complete bath experience, every detail and every facet is lovingly considered. Their focus on design translates into a world of products that you can be certain are first in terms of integrity, innovation, and style.

New Ravenna is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaic tiles for both residential and commercial installations. The company’s products are handcrafted mosaics that are fashioned into decorative borders, murals, field tile and medallions. Tile is cut and can be tumbled, honed, or treated to create distinctive styles, subtle shade variations, and textures. The end result is a custom, one-of-a-kind work of art in mosaic tile, which often incorporates the designs of architects, interior designers and their clients.

Tabarka Studio has been handcrafting custom terracotta tile one piece at a time since 2000. Their handmade terracotta tiles are inspired by cultures worldwide and embody artisan craftsmanship and beauty. They have established a reputation as a leading producer of custom hand painted terra-cotta tiles and have grown to be a bespoke collection of stones, terracottas, antique elements, hand painted tiles and wood and parquet collection.

Chesney’s has been the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces for over 25 years. The company’s success is based on its’ passionate commitment to good design, intelligent engineering, craftsmanship, innovation and outstanding service. Integrity of design is intrinsic to every Chesney fireplace. Their period fireplaces are exact copies of antique originals and are recognized worldwide for their authenticity. The company sources the finest materials across Europe and Asia and uses traditional labor intensive manufacturing techniques such as hand-carving marble to ensure the finest quality.

Founded in 1992, Mosaïque Surface specializes in custom stone mosaics. The company’s experienced team creates original and intricate murals, medallions, floors and table tops, and offers a large variety of borders and field patterns. Recognized in the industry as a customer-oriented company, Mosaique delivers top quality products at competitive prices in both the commercial and residential markets. The company offers a wide range of stone types, colors, and finishes, as well as being extremely flexible in executing specific design projects.

Since 1986, Original Style has manufactured and distributed tiles in Exeter, Devon using a combination of quality raw materials, traditional techniques alongside new technology, and a skilled and dedicated work force. The company offers a large selection of wall and floor tiles and mosaics in glass, stone, ceramic and porcelain in both traditional sizes as well as in large formats. The company is committed to maintaining superior quality of its popular traditional and contemporary ranges, and developing new and exciting products to ensure a wide and ever changing choice for all of our customers.

Sabine Hill brings modern and organic designs to the tradition of cement tiles, a technique that has been around since the late 19th Century. The company partners with a Caribbean-based factory that has been making tiles for over 60 years. Cement tile was first manufactured in the mid-nineteenth century to cover floors with novel designs, bold colors and to withstand footprints and the passage of time. Placed on the ground, walls or roofs; anything cement tiles cover becomes art. The tiles are an ingenious combination of cement, marble powder, water, sand, pigments, time and patience. Great durability, strength and versatility. A technique that uses a mold to make designs in many colors and a press to harden the tiles without requiring heat. The absence of kilns and high temperatures in the manufacturing process differentiates these tiles from other pavers. Cement tiles are therefore considered to be a ‘green’ or ecological product because the elements and process required for manufacturing them are natural.

Over thirty years ago the husband and wife team of Oregon artists, Michael Pratt and Reta Larson discovered a mutual interest in American Art Tile. They began creating their own uniquely beautiful tile and in the process became the leaders of the revival of the art tile movement in the United States. Most of the original craftsman style designs are still a successful part of the Pratt & Larson catalog which has grown considerably since the company started. It now includes hundreds of glazes and shapes encompassing a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary.

Mosaic is a sublime and beautiful confluence of art, man and technology, an aesthetic leap towards immortality. Mosaic is a language that challenges limits and forces to overcome them. Sicis creates, invents, designs and produces mosaics, 100% made in Italy, synonymous with luxury and uniqueness. For over 25 years, Sicis has explored the art of mosaic, the flexibility of its technique and the transformation of its uses.

Paris Ceramics is the primary flooring resource for the most beautiful home and sophisticated interior designers and architects. The company has a special relationship with time, design and craftsmanship. No other company has invested in the technology and craftsmen to reclaim and preserve antique objects and flooring back to life. Only Paris Ceramics employs in-house artisans in the United States to ensure the perfect finish, perfect size and perfect product for your projects.

Granada Tile is dedicated to making beautiful, sustainably produced cement tiles for homes and businesses. Beautiful and environmentally responsible, the company has become increasingly popular throughout the United States and are installed in numerous fine homes, hotels, commercial venues and public buildings. Reflecting a global influence, their tiles, with their elegant combination of style and sustainability, offer clients the chance to write their own visual stories and make the world a little more beautiful in the process.

Artistic Tile is one of the most respected distributors of luxury tile and stone in the country, and offers unique products to architects, designers and homeowners.. The company is a family-run business headquartered in Secaucus, NJ. A leader in design and innovation in the stone and tile industry, the company has garnered acclaim among top interior designers and architects and been selected for America’s finest residences and most innovative design projects.

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