Old World Tabby
Porcelain Pavers



Pictured: Old World Tabby Coral Select Porcelain Pavers


Old World Tabby Coral Select is everything you love about the look of natural coral and nothing you do not. Coral select is featured in 28 faces so the pattern almost never repeats. Coral Select is an ideal selection for Pool decks, patios, porches, and vertical architectural elements. Coral Select is a one of a kind paver offered exclusively by Savannah Surfaces.

Pictured: Oyster Grey
Also available in Oyster Sand and Oyster White


Old World Tabby Porcelain combines natural shell products with modern technology to create a beautiful, unique product.  Offered in 3 coastal colors, our pavers are an ideal surface solution for pool decks, patios, porches, and architectural elements.  Old World Tabby Porcelain is an exclusive, one of a kind Porcelain paver.

Pictured: Seagrass
Also available in Sterling, Stratus, and Driftwood


Indian Sandstone is a sedimentary stone; the rocks are formed from material that has settled at the bottom of a body of water or been deposited in a desert and compressed over millions of years, creating layers. Sedimentary stone, such as Sandstone and Limestone, comes from eroded rocks.

Pictured: Harbour Grey
Also available in Midnight and Golden Wheat


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that is very common all over the world. It is very versatile, durable, and consistent in color.

Pictured: Grigio
Also available in Vulcano, Crema di Latte, Quartz, Blue Quarry Light, and Blue Quarry Dark


Porcelain tile is 20mm thick weather resistant stoneware for any type of outdoor flooring. It is hard-wearing, anti-slip, and capable of withstanding heavy loads. It can be installed on grass, sand, or gravel.


“I have always found the staff to be very knowledgeable, courteous and helpful to the clients that we have sent to the Savannah Hardscapes showroom, enabling our clients to make informed decisions. The showroom and yard contain extensive stone samples as well as multiple installation scenarios, also helping clients to come to efficient decisions.”

Andrew M. Stringer, The Stringer Group

“Before coming to Savannah Surfaces, my experience with tile, stone and plumbing was all over the place. After running to different showrooms to gather various things needed for specific projects, it’s great to be able to come to a place that has great lines and knowledgeable staff.”

Jon Peters, Designer

“Working with you and your team at Savannah Surfaces has been one of the highlights of building our new home.  Your expertise and patience was invaluable in guiding me through the selection process.  As a result, our new home is filled with beautiful products we love!  I couldn’t be happier with the selections or service from start to finish.”

Christina Schoenberger, Homeowner

“Working with the team at Savannah Surfaces is my first “go to” for all things unique and beautiful.  The options are endless – it allows me to create clean sophisticated home by using stone mosaics from California, contemporary oversized wall tile direct from Spain to Savannah Surfaces own design of Oyster Shell Old World Tabby that looks fantastic inside or out! Jessica Check, department head of Surfaces, always has several options for everyones price point.  You can get any look for the budget with her help!!!”

Christina Scharf, CS Interior Home

“My tile from Savannah Surfaces was beautiful. My customer was pleased, and the turn around time was great. Jessica Cheek provided a great experience for my customer at a great price!”

Michal Anderson

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